Our team builds packages custom to the client based on the objective at hand. Whether your company would like to rebrand, build an online presence, showcase your services, or have a unique mixture of the services your brand desires, we understand every industry is different and we cater our services to your needs. The packages listed below are general plans giving you an understanding of how we complement our services with each other to give you exactly what you need. We would like to learn about your company further so we can build a plan just for you.


branding Strategy Package


Branding is a key opportunity to help your consumer understand what you do and why you’re passionate about what you do. Many companies miss this key aspect and in turn never build a trusting relationship with potential consumers which can be detrimental to long term success.


Consulting: Our team will work to understand what is necessary of us to build your brand to be successful.

Graphic Design: We offer everything from logos, storefront graphics, digital ads, and much more to cater to your needs.

Web Design: Our team will evaluate your current website and offer what is necessary to make it’s use as seamless as possible.


content package


With the DDV Photo and Video Team you will never have to worry about staying relevant and building engaging content with fresh new ideas monthly to bring your products or services to market.


Content Creation: Our Photo and Video team work with you to capture engaging content while our Marketing Strategy Team finds the best fit to utilize the content from a marketing standpoint.


Digital Marketing Package


The increasing presence of digital marketing in today’s marketplace offers an interesting opportunity to all businesses. This opportunity is cost efficient advertising while have the capability to get your message across to virtually every part of the planet.


Paid Traffic: Be the first company a potential consumer finds when they are looking for a service online.

Social Media Marketing: Majority of Americans use social media platforms so stay relevant by offering services on social.

Email Marketing: Our team can build you a custom email list or service your email list to deliver your service direct.